Everyone loves to own assets and wants to do away with their liabilities. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are looking for ways to trade away their liabilities for assets. Interestingly and surprisingly, most people are yet to understand what their greatest asset is in life; they are yet to come to terms with what is their greatest investment. You are your greatest investment and your best asset. Now that’s some serious information you’ve just heard. It means you will have to treat yourself like no one else can and will; you will have to value yourself more than anything else in the world. You have to see yourself as a priceless jewel and the best thing ever introduced to humanity. It means you cannot afford to get involved in anything that threatens your investment; you cannot afford to gamble with yourself.

I know you hear people say life is a risk and you must always take risks, but I’ve got to tell you this, not all risks are worth taking, and there is no point risking anything for such types of risks. If you are your greatest asset, then, it means you must constantly seek to invest in yourself. Every day of your life you should think of how to improve your life3 and general wellbeing. Do what you have to do to ensure that you get a better version of you each day. Life will not ask you, how are you? Life will ask you, who are you and what do you have to offer? So stop trying to adorn your physical self with all the good looks so you can feel fine. Focus on beautifying the quality within and the beauty without will have no choice but to fall in line.

Your actions revolve around your choices, and your choices revolve around your perception, while your perception revolves around the extent of your mind, that is the limit of your mind. Break the limitation, and you will perceive wider, decide wiser and act better. That’s the simple truth you must have been hearing and ignoring. Your goal for each day should be to improve on your performance of yesterday. You should wake up every day with a mindset to break the limits you reached yesterday, whether mentally or emotionally or spiritually. You should always aim at becoming more physically, spiritually, mentally, socially and economically better than you were. It is only when you are a better version of yourself that you will become truly successful.

Your best is always ahead of you. When it comes to the race of who you really are, you will always find that your best has never been in the past, your best is always yet to come. You can only get better. As you move forward, you will realize that what was your best a week ago is just the better of you and tomorrow it will be the good until it becomes no longer relevant. This is why you must always seek to invest and reinvest in yourself.


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