Your health is your life. When you are down in health all else falls out of line. Therefore it is very imperative that you always take care of your health. One sure way of maintaining a good health is by always keeping your body hydrated. Here are some reasons why you need to drink more water daily

  • The human body is more fluid than we think, as a matter of fact, our body is made of approximately 60% of water. To further iterate the importance of water, even the earth is over 70% water. Take away water from the earth and life will seize to exist in a matter of days. Our body needs at least two liters of water on daily bases to keep the water level of the body balanced.
  • At the rate, we lose water during certain activities such as working out, working in heavy factories and during hot seasons, there is need to keep up that water level to maintain equilibrium in our body’s water level. When we dehydrate more than we hydrate, the fluid level of our body becomes imbalanced thereby exposing the body to certain health conditions that may cost us more to treat.
  • Water is what helps in the transportation of nutrients around the body, when the water level drops, certain nutrients may not get to where they are needed. This is dangerous to the human health. Water also regulates body temperature.
  • For your foods to digest well you need to maintain a balanced fluid level. Water aids in the proper digestion of foods. It is a major factor in every metabolic process of the human body. You need to drink enough water to keep up your fluid level for the body to be able to perform certain functions effectively.
  • When you engage in certain physical activities your muscles lose water, you dehydrate and becomes weak to keep up the activity. Drinking water will help the muscles gain energy to keep up. Water serves as fuel for the muscles, it helps the muscle regain energy faster and easier. When you are busy pushing yourself to work harder, remember that each time you work you burn energy and you lose water. Your muscles become tired as a result of a loss of water through perspiration. To keep that muscle working, you need to drink water.
  • The human kidneys on daily bases process not less than 200 quarts of blood just sieving waste out and transporting urine to the bladder. This process needs water. Drinking enough water daily will help the kidney perform its function well. The human kidneys require water daily to help clear away from the body wastes that the body does not need. Water is required first in sifting process; that is in separating nutrients from wastes and water is required in transporting these wastes to where they are needed to be excreted out of the body. The kidney also needs water to use the nutrients to nourish itself.


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