If there is anything that is truly yours, that thing will always be your choice. Your choice is the only thing that you truly own and will forever be completely yours. It is the power of choice that makes you stay in control of your emotions and determine what will move you. This is one major secrete to succeeding in life. When you have your backs against the wall, the choice is yours to give up. When you can’t find your way forward, and it seems as if you are lost, the choice is always yours to turn back and throw in the towel. When you get by a storm, and your boat seems to be wrecking, the choice is yours to drown. Your choice is your greatest ally and your first and last weapon against defeat. Never you underestimate the power of choice. It is what is used against you when you take any form of oath or enters into any agreement. You merely give away your choice to say or act contrary to the oath or agreement.

When you choose to give up, you simply tell yourself to resign to fate and accept whatever results you find. But when you chose to stand up and keep moving, you just tell your whole being to stay strong and get ready to claim their victory. It is interesting how just taking a simple decision in your heart can turn things around for you. Your mind influences almost everything about you. Your mind influences your spirit and your body. When you decide in your mind, it will reflect in your spirit and your body. Sometimes you may be so spirited towards a course, but do you ever wonder what happens the moment you decide to back out of that course? Your seemingly high spirit drops low, and your body relaxes, and the fear and anxiety sets in. However, the moment you decide to continue against all the odds, even you low spirit gains momentum, and your body is given the vigor to stay on the course.

The worst form of slavery is not binding a man to chains for the rest of his life neither is locking up a man in a prison where he cannot see the sun ever again, it is denying a man the ability to decide for himself at any point in time. He who controls your choice controls your life and determines your fate. To this end, you must decide to never let anything or anyone take away your choice. Let nothing at all deny you the power to choose for yourself. Your choice is your free will, and your free will is your last resort in the face of any challenge. It is your choice to stay down that will keep you down. For centuries the world has experienced different forms of revolution at different times in history against mental slavery. During those times there were those who resigned to the fates detected to them by others, but there were those who said our choice is always ours and we choose to fight. That is the spirit of a victor.


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