When it comes to taking care of the skincare, most articles target the females more, and often neglect the males. While most men don’t always pay attention to how they look, a few of them are still conscious of their appearance, and as such, take good care of it.

If your skincare routine hasn’t evolved beyond washing your face and shaving in the morning, then it’s time that you made some changes.

There’s an underlying difference between men and women’s skin; the collagen density, texture, and hydration are different, which is why their products differ. Men, in general, have more oily skin than women because of the high testosterone levels, so they have to wash regularly.

Here are a few essential details to note;

  • Invest in a Good Facial Cleanser

Lots of men are guilty of taking extremely hot showers or using harsh soaps or scrubs. According to most dermatologists, this tends to make the skin dry and wrinkly; making you look much older than you’re meant to be. It’s necessary that you get a gentle cleanser that’ll eliminate all the dirt and oil that accumulates on your skin. Look for the ones that contain colloidal oatmeal that will hydrate as well as cleanse the skin.

  • Dont skimp on moisturizing

While facial hair is awesome and all, the fastest way to turn a lady on is when your skin meets, and it doesn’t feel like sandpaper. Moisturizing on a daily basis will give you that soft and smooth skin females love so much. It’s better to get the products that are fragrance-free, because they don’t have any smell, and can’t be considered girly. Get the ones that are rich in antioxidants to protect against free radicals and environmental damage.

  • Invest in a Good Razor

Tons of men shave at least five times a week, and so it’ll be wise to choose the best razor for the task. Pick the brand that fits the coarseness of your beard and your skin sensitivity. Avoid getting a razor with multiple blades, because this kind tends to cause razor burn and pulls the hairs beneath the skin a little too deep.

Also, make sure to use a good moisturizing shaving gel to help provide a barrier of protection. It helps if you shave in the shower, or immediately afterward, as the facial hair is much softer at this time.

Make sure to use a good after-shave as it seals in the skin nicely. Avoid the ones that contain alcohol because it dries the skin.

  • Always Use Sunscreen Daily

Direct exposure to the sun is one of the most common causes of wrinkles and premature aging. If you’re able to get a moisturizer that contains SPF of 30, or more, then you’re good to go. Although, it still helps to have a separate bottle of sunscreen at hand, in case of emergency.

Men that use sunscreen reduce their risks of getting skin cancer and other skin defects caused by excessive UV rays.

Also exfoliate regularly.


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