Gone are the days when the prime glam skill to master was the art of filling your brows right. Make up has since seen the evolution of some near-complex skills, chief of which is working the angles of light, dark and bronze. Creating magically sculpted features using highlights and contours are all the rave right now. Thankfully, there are no hard and fast rules. Once you find a method that works for you, just practice over and over till you get it right. Here are a few tips to get your carving game going strong;

  • Do not scrimp on quality, at least not on products that go directly on large area of your skin such as foundation, primer, concealer or powder. Stick to trusted brands with great reviews. Insist on shopping your favorite products at stores where they can color-test to ensure you’re getting the right shades of everything from foundation to contour pallets. Brands like Maybelline and Fenty Beauty provide an unbelievable range of shades from which you can simply have your pick.
  • The whole idea is to project some features by bringing light to them, and hide some features by darkening them. Once your face is primed, begin with a matching foundation shade on your entire face. Next, are highlights, which are created by using a shade lighter than your skin tone while contouring requires darker concealer shades. Experts often say that highlights alone would suffice for dark-skinned women, as their skin color already provides a natural contour.
  • Highlights should go under your eyes (in an inverted pear shape), your mid-forehead area, down your nasal bridge and your chin. Contouring should go below your cheek bone, around your temples, and on either side of your nasal bridge. While the top-edge of your cheek contours need to be blended into the adjoining highlight edge, its lower border should remain fairly straight and defined, dying out just halfway to your lip corners.
  • Blend obsessively with designated brushes or a blending sponge for the right results. This is the bane of the whole process.
  • For a perfectly chiseled nose, ensure your highlight runs right down the middle of your nasal bridge, while keeping it narrow. Lightly bronze over the middle of your forehead, chin, nasal bridge and cheekbones for an amazing glow.
  • The top-edge of your brows should be defined with matching concealer for your skin tone, as against lighter concealer used for the lower brow edge for that flawless finish. Wake your eyes up with a shimmer of bronzer below your defined tapering brow edges.
  • Never skip baking your highlights with translucent setting powder for a few minutes, then dusting them off. Voila! Super poreless results!

Finally, one more hack for the road… Tracee Ellis Ross once offered on an episode of On the Real that she merely rubs some rich oil over her cheek bones to create a glowing highlight illusion. Care to try that out? Let the glam-hacks begin!


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