The fibroid is an outgrowth which may occur inside or outside a woman’s uterus or womb. It’s an abnormal growth which develops from normal muscle tissue.
It is important to note that fibroid is not cancerous though it often causes serious pains and discomfort. Research has shown that stress is one of the major cause of fibroid growth.

Causes of stress

Stress doesn’t necessarily mean physical exertion as anything puts too much pressure on you could lead to stress. Stress could also be emotional in the case of job loss, the death of loved ones, and break in relationships and so on.
Fibroid itself can lead to stress in women due to the painful symptoms which have disrupted their normal way of life.

Ways to manage stress related fibroid

Depending on your preference, there are several ways of managing stress. Here are a few of the ways:
Connect with others
Set aside relaxation time
Eat a healthy diet
Get your rest
Support of family and friends
Physical exercise
Get moving
Implement lifestyle changes
Engage your senses

How to cure fibroid

Aside from carrying out surgical operation for removal of the fibroid, it can also be prevented and cured by doing a thorough check of your lifestyle to see if you have been living under prolonged stress while you should find a way to eliminate such as it’s a major contributor to your fibroid growth.

Factors that influence your stress tolerance

Many factors influence your stress tolerance but there are few steps that could be taken to improve your tolerance to stress. This includes:

Emotional awareness
Many people go through stress without even noticing they are being stressed because they have gotten so used to prolonged stress. When stressed, emotional awareness helps you notice the stress and you find a way to be calm. This increases your tolerance to stress and helps you stay healthy and fibroid free.

The quality of your relationships and support network
People with a strong bond of loving family and friends who they are comfortable sharing their life issues with will be able to tolerate stress better than those not having caring people around they will always live a lonely and secluded lifestyle.

Physical activity
Regular exercise can lift your mood and serve as a distraction to your worries, it allows you to break the rhythm of negative thoughts that feed stress and anxiety and also find quiet time to allow you reminiscent about good memories.

The food you eat can improve or worsen your mood and affect your ability to cope with life’s stressors. Always eat a balanced diet avoid sugary snacks, refined carbohydrates; this can worsen symptoms of stress. Eat diets rich in fruits and vegetables, high-quality protein, and healthy fats can help you better cope with stress.

Lastly, there is a very strong relationship between stress and fibroid and prolonged stress can lead to rapid growth of a fibroid tumor. Avoid stress, eat a good diet and do regular exercise to stay fit and healthy.


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