Our skin is the largest body organ that greets the eye, hence one of the best weapons for a great first impression. Skincare is by far the most popular part of anyone’s beauty regimen, with facial skin care ranking as the top compulsion… Expectedly. A girl’s entire existence almost depends on a pretty face… Or something. Anyway, you’ve probably already heard how much good you’ll be doing your “birthday suit” when you drink lots of water, have a healthy helping of fruits and vegetables each day and get adequate sleep. Water helps to keep your skin hydrated, while fruits nourish it with the right vitamins. Those dark patches you get around your eyes after a sleepless night easily give away the link between sleep and healthy skin appearance. Two other general habits to form are the generous use of sun-protection, at least SPF 30, as well as keeping your skin properly moisturized. While you can never go wrong with any of these, here a few other helpful principles to further enrich your skin care experience;

  1. Section and specialize care

You’re not totally weird if you’ve noticed that your facial skin type is different from the rest of your body. You simply need to understand the various skin types you wear and treat them accordingly. Even on your face, you may have combination skin (normal cheeks and an oily T-zone.) Some have roughened dry skin over their legs with largely normal arms. Others may have sensitive skin that stings or itches when exposed to specific products. The general rule is to specialize the care of your face, carrying your neck and chest areas along and exposing them to the same products and regimen.

  1. Get a facial care fetish

Cleanse your face every night to remove makeup and the day’s dirt. For dry skin, choose a moisture-rich cleanser while oily facial skin will require a wash containing exfoliating fruit extracts. Sensitive facial skin will require cleansers with soothing natural ingredients like tea tree. Follow cleansing with a hydrating toner, a dab of antioxidant-rich serum and finally a rich moisturizer. Have an exclusive face towel as well.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells left from repeated cell regeneration, to expose newer healthier skin. Do this every 2-3 days either with a dry-bristle brush, a homemade sugar-olive oil-lemon mix or your favorite scrub. It will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant.

  1. Practice wholesome care

If you have been overlooking your underarms, elbows and inner thighs, these hacks will certainly save your hide. Exfoliate dry flaky elbows gently, and apply olive or almond oils with vitamin E every 2 days for supple elbows. Keep those underarms clean and shaved, and eliminate dark discoloration by rubbing in a cucumber slice or coconut oil left on for about 10mins, then wash them off. Extend the reach of your scrub and moisturizer to your inner thighs for an even tone.

Now you can rock your glowing skin wherever, whenever.


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