1. Always Rest Your Body

When tired, rest. A good nap is also important. Ensure that you are well rested after every day’s activity. Do not overwork yourself. Your body has a limit and even if it is willing to break that limit, you should also ensure that you do not push too hard than the body can go. Resting is a natural healing therapy. You need to rest, sleep for 6 hours every day. Always make sure you give your body enough rest. Don’t be too busy to ignore when your body is giving clear signals to rest. You can always come back to the work later. A little while of rest for say twenty minutes can save your body from breaking down and, thereby costing you more money to treat.

  1. Drink Enough Water

Start your day with a glass of water and end your day with a glass of water. As an adult, you need up to 16 cups of water per day to keep your water level at equilibrium for the body’s daily activities. Also, note that the number of cups you need per day as an adult varies according to your activity level and the season of the year. On cold winter days, you will need fewer cups of water than during hot summer days. And those doing more physical activities will need more water those with less physical activities. Always keep a water bottle at hand and don’t hesitate to fill it up when it’s running empty. You never can tell where you will find yourself the next minute and when the need for water will arise.

  1. Work Out

Here is a shocker for you, exercising for as low as ten minutes every day will gain you at least an additional one and half years to live. That is you will be adding at least one and half years to your life expectancy. That means the ultimate end of the exercise is a long life. This is what everyone wants, especially those who have found happiness would want to live longer and enjoy and share the happiness. Exercise is one natural tool that will increase your lifespan. It keeps your whole being alive and alert. It reduces aging and promotes longevity. Just by exercising, you will improve your performances at work. With daily workout, you equip yourself with a lot of what it takes to face each day’s activity. You will have enough physical and mental strength to face work every day.

  1. Eat Enough Fruits and Vegetables

Fructose is better for your health than glucose and a lot of vitamins contained in fruits makes it even better. Go for vegetables, especially fresh veggies. Fruits and vegetables or at least one of them should be part of your everyday meal. You can always go for fruit juice instead of beer or soda. Fruits and vegetables supply the human body with both sugar vitamins and minerals that keep the body in good health. Sugar derived from eating fruits is not harmful to the body.


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