Spend more time knowing and understanding yourself rather than having the hobby of meeting and knowing other people. In the end, it is not the knowledge of others you have that will help you through challenges but the understanding of who you are. It is not only situations that promote the pains in our life but thinking in itself. Most times all we really do is think about our “thoughts” and not our true self. It is not that you should believe your true self as another thought, but rather so, “BE” yourself. In that process of “being” yourself, you will experience a different kind of thought process that is not actually thinking either, but more so a stream of wisdom flowing through all the bodies. You will discover yourself more when you be yourself than thinking about your thoughts.

Everything there is has got content; something that drives them and makes them pursue essence. You must find that essence in yourself. Before you become a hero to the rest of the world, you must be your own hero. Take a seat and ask yourself a certain question. Question your existence and question your identity. Yes, you must question your identity in other to find yourself. Do not join the lots of others out there searching for their hero or trying to be a hero. Self-discovery is the first step to purposeful living. You must discover who you are and what you stand for. You should know that it is with what you have uncovered within yourself that will make it easy for you to save others.

It is like correcting someone when you know you are also wrong, as a matter of fact, you cannot boldly correct the person, and the individual will not take you seriously because you are both in the same boat. If a blind man leads a blind man, they will both end up in a ditch, that’s the point. Know who you are and work on that. Self-discovery is a major key to living a self-reliant life and being truly free. When you have found your true essence and tapped into the wealth of energy resident in you, then you can truly breeze out like a hero and save the day. How do you really intend to find others when you really do not know who you are, when you are yet to identify your worth, your strengths and weaknesses?

Find your strengths and weakness and work on both of them, explore your life and discover your innate abilities because it is what you unlock from the inside of you that you will use to find others. A lost man must first find himself before he finds others. You must know how to lead yourself before you verge into trying to lead others. If you are yet to understand yourself, then you will always have a problem driving your points to those you want to find. To this end, you need to unlock your own doors of potentials before you can take the keys to unlock other people’s doors.


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