One mistake we make is to conclude that “time will work things out.” That’s not true, nothing in life will stop if you or someone or something does not put an end to it. This simply means that if you are the type always waiting for time to heal you, you may never get well. Sometimes people try so hard to quit doing something they have been doing and even knows that it has not been working. This is a common problem with people who have the habit of doing things the same way that they’ve been doing that has never worked for them. They make hope and optimism the reason for repeating a lifestyle that has failed even before it started and they actually do nothing about it. No doubt, that is foolishness and are mere proofs of the wise man’s definition of insanity as doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result.

Why do you have to keep moving in circles even when you know clearly that in circles every step forward will only lead back to where you started? You must break the chains and stop the cyclic movement. It might not be as easy as just cutting off some joints, but you need to find a way to create a straight path that you can walk through to your destination. Making excuses or looking for excuses are more or less creating a circle around your life and keeping yourself from making any tangible stride in life if you ever make any at all.

Excuses are our first respondents in life. They are always waiting for us to call on them and sometimes would make themselves available even when we did not call for them. If you are the type of man who wakes up in the morning looking for excuses, I tell you the truth you will always find tons of them without having to look too hard or too far. Life is full of excuses, and there are people who would settle for the slightest excuse they can find, don’t be one of them. Against all odds to make excuse, choose to do something positive with your time and life. In the end, you will still be the one life will reward with the fruits of your sacrifices. You will always have thousands of excuses to not do something, but you will only need one reason to ignore those excuses and do what you are supposed to do.

Beta Alexander Noble once said, “Always do what you have to do when you have to, not because you want to but because you have to.” Do not take actions because everyone is doing it and do not decide not to act because no one is taking any action. Act because you have to and even when you the reason to act may seem illogical as long as it is something you have to, just go ahead and do it. Delaying to act might be the reason why you regret soon.


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