When we grow older, the hair becomes grey. We all know that, so some of us prepare our minds or even do our best to prevent it. Having grey hair is beautiful, but it’s usually annoying when your hair tells of an old age when you are only young, and just getting ready to explore the world. I’ll be telling you a few ways to prevent and handle grey hair, and what to do to look foxy with grey hair, especially since it’s the new hot.

Prevention of Grey Hair

Eat healthy Conditions like diabetes, anemia, and thyroid problems are capable of inducing the premature greying of hairs. If you feed well, you can avoid these conditions, hence maintain your hair color. Include foods that have first-class protein like amino acid, in your diet. They help you get strong and healthy hair which hardly allows any discoloration.

Take multivitamin supplements Omega 3s prevents dry hair. It also reduces dandruff, and lifelessness of hair. Copper prevents the greying of hair by producing melanin. Taking supplements containing these vitamins help combat the presence of grey strands on the head.

Maintaining Your Grey Hair

Shampoo and condition If you have grey hair, make time to shampoo your hair at least, every other day. And that’s because the hair is prone to discoloration by pollutants in the environment. Using a hydrating shampoo helps protect hair from being brittle. Apart from shampooing, use hair conditioner just as regularly as it contains antioxidants that protect from UV and other damages caused by the environment. Applying a deep conditioner weekly also enhances the color of your hair as it restores the moisture lost with the pigments.

Washing your hair monthly, or once in two months gets rid of yellowing, giving your hair a lovely sheen. Only add a bit to your regular shampoo the first time, and try different buffs till you get your desired tint.

Make use of the right products Applying the right products to your hair is very important, especially when your hair is grey. To give your hair a nice tone, rub in concealer. They come in sticks, powders, wands, and even sprays. Ensure that the concealer is alcohol-free to give your hair a healthy and subdued shine. Concealers without alcohol prevent dryness and strengthen your hair structure, unlike the ammonia-based ones. Also, do away with products that have heavy wax, or oil-based serums.

Looking Hot In Your Grey Hair

Add flavor to those silver strands Since grey hairs are often drier, there’s need for you to work at having a sharp chic look. Get a haircut with clean streamlined edges, making use of a razor, so you don’t get untidy looking fray ends, and get it trimmed as often as six to eight weeks.  

Flatter your appearance It’s important that you know what to wear, and just the right make up for your new hair. To be striking, you don’t have to be clad in outfits that are black, white or a shade of grey. Opt for tones like sapphire, ruby red, and purple. Do away with tones of beige, and olive as they can easily wash you out.

Having grey hair doesn’t mean you are awkward looking or out of space. All you need do is embrace an attitude that gets you foxy!


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