You cannot ignore your health for the pursuit of money or because you think you are healthy and you cannot take your diet for granted if you value your life. Below are some tips to consider for your health and nutrition/diet.

  • A simple daily work out routines will save you a lot of medical conditions. When you exercise you help the body get rid of waste products easier and faster. You enhance your metabolic and catabolic processes and allow the body to do these better. There are lots of health benefits that come with working out.
  • Always make sure you give your body enough rest. Don’t be too busy to ignore when your body is giving clear signals to rest. You can always come back to the work later. A little while of rest for say twenty minutes can save your body from breaking down and, thereby costing you more money to treat.
  • Meditation takes you from the most active brain waves to the least. As you begin to meditate, your brain will move from the hyperactive gamma state, gradually slowing down till it reaches beta state. If you continue consistently, you will gradually move towards the alpha state, where you become more calm and peaceful. This is the same state you find yourself in after a pleasurable sexual activity or any activities that produce calmness and relaxed state of mind. Your brain’s hemispheres in this state become more balanced making you lucid.
  • Ensure you always plan your meals. Don’t just eat anything anywhere anytime. Have a meal roster if possible and try to follow the roster accordingly. Remember that this meal roster should be planned along with a nutritionist or a dietitian.
  • Fruits are very important to the body. They supply the body with enough nutrients. Always take fruits after every meal and ensure that you vary them. Get a roster too for your fruit consumption.
  • Your body needs more water than it needs food. And as you may already know, water takes a greater percentage of your body and you won’t live long without water not nearly as long as you would live without food.
  • Vegetables are important sources of vitamins and some other nutrients the body needs. Taking vegetables will help the body organs function very well and also recover faster from certain health issues.
  • Don’t ever live your life based on assumptions, always be double sure that you are healthy. It is said that prevention is better than cure, so if checking your health status means preventing a possible health condition, then do it. Your health is more important than the money you might be chasing after, and note this if time is money then health is time. No matter how healthy you feel, go for periodic medical checkups just to stay ahead of your health. Checking your health status is a preventive measure against diseases. It is imperative that you confirm from a physician how healthy you are. Even the healthiest looking man may have a dangerous and killer healthy condition eating him from the inside.


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