Meditation is a deliberate and conscious exercise of the mind, where you become aware of what you are doing and how to do what you are doing and what the end point of what you are doing will be. Here are five reasons you should start meditating today.

Meditation helps you access pure happiness

With meditation you are in charge of your emotions, you get hurt but you control how deep it will go. Meditation opens your mind and gives you access deep-seated emotions that would only be triggered by external conditions from your environment. You are able to control your external environment with the knowledge and access you have to your internal environment. Just as the absence of anxiety and stress opens us the door for calmness, you are able to find peace and self-discovered peace is the pathway to true and pure happiness. Until you are able to own you’re your happiness and not being happy because someone or something is making you happy, you will never be truly happy.

Meditation helps the brain improves capacity for learning new things

Meditation helps synchronize the entire brain to function simultaneously. When the different parts of the brain are not working harmoniously, the brain experience unhealthy and unbalanced brain wave patterns, leading to the use of one brain hemisphere than the other. But meditation helps balances your left and right brain. Most humans use their logical left brain than their creative right brain and some uses more of their creative right brain than their logical left brain. This imbalance does not allow for optimal use of the brain and does not give the individual a greater processing power. Meditation here balances the use of both hemispheres, affording the individual a smarter and better processing power. It also increases the brain size.

Meditation helps keep the mind calm

When you meditate, your brain waves will reduce gradually, moving from the beta wave state (Hyperactive state) to a less active alpha wave state. This movement will produce in your mind a state of calmness that will gradually translate from your brain to your mind and then to your whole body. You become more relaxed and more in control. Because emotions are linked together, the absence of stress and anxiety will eventually produce a less stressful and anxious state and a calm state of mind would result. The moment you start driving yourself to the alpha and theta states of mind, you will find yourself calmer and relaxed so much so that it becomes easy to relax.

Meditation lowers blood pressure

A particular meditation technique known as Transcendental Meditation has been found to be responsible for stimulating genes that are responsible for producing the enzyme telomerase which has been linked by scientists with reducing blood pressure as well as mortality. The meditation practice also lowers the rates of heart attack and stroke.

Meditation relieves chronic pains and reduces stress

Mindfulness meditation which is a type of meditation that focuses on your breathing also helps the body deal with chronic pains. It serves as a natural pain reliever. Here, you just focus on the place where you are pained and use your breathing to work on the pain. Gradually, the pain subsides and lessens.


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